Feynlab Pure rinseless 1liter

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FEYNLAB® PURE RINSELESS is a concentrated waterless solution designed for regular maintenance washing of all automotive exterior vehicle surfaces– coated and non-coated alike.

Regular use of PURE RINSELESS will maintain optimal sheeting and self cleaning properties of all paint coatings, sealants, and surfaces. PURE RINSELESS is also the ideal pre-coating paint cleanser, since its only purpose is to deep clean, leaving nothing behind to interfere with bonding.

PURE RINSELESS fully encapsulates surface contamination particles with great lubricity, making a safe waterless or rinseless cleaning method. As the name implies, PURE RINSELESS works to leave the surface simply clean, employing the same truly intelligent cleaning technology as FEYNLAB® PURE WASH. This means no fillers, junk or caustic chemicals are left behind, instead a truly clean surface is revealed.

When used as Step 1 within the FEYLNAB Optimal Bonding System for Coatings, PURE RINSELESS functions as a true super deep cleanser. The nano particles penetrate below the surface removing deep embedded contaminants from the surface with greater effectiveness than traditional car shampoos. This is step 1 in promoting more effective bonding and coating performance.

Product Benefits:

    • Superior Lubricity with Smart Surfactant and Encapsulation Technology, Offering a Truly Deep Cleaning Waterless or Rinseless Wash Solution.
    • Impressive exterior surface rinseless solution- due to intelligent cleaning technology.
    • Safe for all Vehicle Exterior Surfaces: Paint, Plastic, Rubber, Carbon Fiber, Carbon Ceramic Brakes, Anodized Aluminum, Etc.
  • Perfect Waterless Wash for Regular Vehicle Maintenance Washing: Refreshes Optimal Sheeting and Self Cleaning (Hydrophobic) Properties for all Ceramic Coated Surfaces
  • Intelligent Cleaning Technology: No Fillers, Junk Chemicals, Builders, or Caustic Residue Left Behind.
  • A waterless or rinseless wash which rinses completely clean, revealing true surface condition.
  • A Perfect waterless wash solution for resetting the hydrophobic properties of coated vehicles.


1L Bottle of Concentrate.

Dilution Ratio:

Mix PURE RINSELESS to a 1:250 dilution. 1 part PURE RINSELESS to 250 parts water.


Always wear respirator & gloves during application. Ensure application area is free of loose contamination.


  • Place vehicle in a well lit, cool, & contamination free environment.
  • Thoroughly Rinse vehicle of all loose dust, debris, and topical contamination.

Waterless Wash Instructions:

  1. Spray a generous amount onto the surface to encapsulate all dirt and contamination particles.
  2. Use a clean long nap microfiber towel to gently remove the encapsulated contaminants from the surface.
  3. Use a secondary towel to dry the panel after washing.

Rinseless Wash Instructions:

  1. Add water to a bucket. For every gallon (3.75L) of water and add 1/2oz (15ml) of PURE RINSELESS concentrate. E.G.  A 3 gallon (15L) bucket of water would require 1.5oz (45ml) of PURE RINSELESS.
  2. Spray a generous amount onto the surface to encapsulate all dirt and contamination particles.
  3. Dunk and saturate a dedicated wash mitt, before gently agitate and ‘wash’ a designated section.
  4. Finally, wipe the surface dry with a clean long nap microfiber towel to gently remove the encapsulated contaminants from the surface.


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